Find out about the Persona Natural Contraception method

Looking for an alternative to barrier, hormonal or invasive methods of contraception? Then Persona could be a suitable choice for you.

Persona Contraception Monitor

Persona is a unique method of contraception that works by monitoring the changes in hormones that control your natural fertility, and identifies the days when you are at risk of becoming pregnant, so you can avoid having intercourse.

Contraception monitor



Persona is 94% reliable if the instructions are followed properly and used as the only method of contraception. This means that if 100 women use Clearblue for one year, we expect 6 will become pregnant because they have had sex on a day when Clearblue incorrectly showed they were not at risk of becoming pregnant (Green day)1.

Persona is:

  • Hormone-free method of contraception – it’s a small monitor, with simple urine tests, that tells you on which days to abstain from intercourse in order to avoid pregnancy.

  • Based on your own biology - it tracks two of the hormones that control your menstrual cycle – luteinising hormone and estrogen - in urine.

  • Easy to use - Do the simple urine tests when you’re asked to and then Persona will show:-

    • Red days...risk of pregnancy.

    • Green’re free to make love.

  • Personalised – the monitor adapts to your personal hormone profile and typically identifies 6 to 12 red days each cycle. In the first few cycles, while it is learning about you, you will probably have 10 to 15 (maybe up to 22) red days.

  • Non-invasive – there’s no barrier involved and so it allows spontaneous sex on Green days.

Persona Contraception Monitor