Persona Contraception Monitor is a natural method of contraception. It has no side effects, involves no drugs and is easy to use. It works by monitoring hormone changes in your urine to identify the days of your menstrual cycle when you are likely to become pregnant.

94% reliable

94% reliable *

Persona contraception monitor is 94% reliable which means that if 100 women use the monitor for 1 year, 6 are expected to become pregnant.

Tracks 2 natural hormones in urine

Tracks 2 natural hormones in urine

Using simple urine tests it tracks the changes in 2 hormones (estrogen and luteinising hormone) to tell you when it’s safe to have sex (green days)* and when there is a risk that unprotected sex may result in pregnancy (red days)

No side effects

No side effects

Free from the side effects of hormonal contraception and free from the inconvenience of other methods.


Persona Contraception Monitor consists of a touch screen monitor and test sticks. Test sticks are sold separately. You will need 16 test sticks for the first cycle of use and 8 test sticks from your second cycle onwards.

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How to use Persona Contraception Monitor

  • Suitability

  • Before using the Persona Contraception Monitor

  • At the start of each menstrual cycle

  • Daily contraception status

  • When to test

  • How to test

  • After you've tested

Frequently asked questions

  • 1. Do I really have to abstain from sex on all 'red' days?

    For Persona Contraception Monitor to be 94% reliable*, you must not have sex on any red days. If you choose to have sex on a red day using an alternative method, the reliability is based on the method of contraception you choose to use, and not on Persona Contraception Monitor.

  • 2. What if my first urine of the day isn’t within my testing window?

    If you work shifts that change your waking times, or you get up in the night to go to the toilet, you may need to collect urine to test during your testing window. Collect your urine in a clean, dry container, and store at room temperature until you are ready to test. When you are ready to test, dip the absorbent tip into the sample for 15 seconds (not 3 seconds).

    Always test using the first urine after your longest sleep.

  • 3. What happens if I’m ill during a cycle?

    If you are able to, you should continue to use your monitor and do all the tests when your monitor asks you to. If you cannot test, your monitor will make a decision based on the information it has stored. This may mean you have more red days for that cycle and your next few cycles.

  • 4. What if I forget to look at the Persona contraception monitor and miss a test?

    If you don't test when asked, the monitor will usually show a red day at the end of your testing window and you may have more 'red' days than usual during that and subsequent cycles. If you have an extra Persona test stick left over at the end of your cycle, throw it away. All Persona test sticks used in a cycle must come from the same batch number.

  • 5. Can the Persona contraception monitor lose my information?

    The monitor retains several months' of your most recent cycle data. However, the monitor depends on a constant supply of battery power to keep the internal clock accurate, so you MUST ALWAYS replace the batteries when you see the following screens.

    Low batteries There is a message saying 'Low batteries'. The batteries are low and should be replaced straight away to avoid losing your data. It is very important to use 2 AA alkaline (LR6) 1.5v batteries. Do not use rechargeable batteries. The batteries must not be replaced during your testing window. Switch the monitor off first and only remove the batteries when you have new ones to insert.


    Replace batteries There is a message saying 'Replace batteries!' You will need to replace the batteries before you can test. The monitor will switch itself off to protect stored information. Do not remove the batteries until you are ready to replace them. It is very important to use 2 AA alkaline (LR6) 1.5v batteries. Do not use rechargeable batteries. Once you have inserted new batteries you must switch on your monitor to allow it to do necessary checks.