Bluetooth technology Ovulation test

Tracks 2 unique hormones and connects to your phone via Bluetooth® technology

Tracks 2 Hormones

Typically identifies 4 or more fertile days2

Tracks estrogen and LH to identify a wider fertility window for more opportunities to get pregnant naturally.

Over 99% accurate at detecting the LH surge

Over 99% accurate at detecting the LH surge

2x more accurate than calendar methods.3

Smart reminder

Smart reminders based on your personal cycles

Clearblue Connected app will tell you the day to start testing and you can set personal reminders so you won’t forget.

Compare your cycles

Compare your cycles

Use Clearblue Connected app to record your period and when you have sex.

Only brand with re-usable holder

Only brand with re-usable holder

The only brand with a reusable holder.  Available with 25 test sticks.


Clearblue® Connected app is compatible with most iPhone® and Android™ phones. Find out here if your phone is compatibleApp for use only with product purchase.  Phone not included.

Maximise your chances of getting pregnant naturally

Clearblue Connected Ovulation Test System typically identifies 4 or more fertile days each cycle1. These are the days leading up to and including the day of ovulation. It does this by accurately tracking 2 key fertility hormones, instead of just one like other ovulation kits do. You can only conceive on a few days each cycle and every woman is different, so knowing in advance the days when you personally have the best chance of getting pregnant can make all the difference. 

Clearblue Connected Ovulation Test System has the unique benefit of connecting via Bluetooth® to your phone – it’s the first and only test system to track 2 unique hormones and connect to your phone. Results are synced and displayed on your phone together with a monthly calendar, cycle comparison charts. You also have the ability to set smart reminders.

How to use the Clearblue Connected app

Search for the Clearblue® Connected app and download from your app store.  App is suitable for iPhone® and Android™. 

- Open the app on your phone and create your Clearblue® account.
- To finalise creating your account click on the link sent by email.
- Connect your holder following the instructions on the app. You’ll need the wake-up stick to do this.
- Eject the wake-up stick once connected and keep this as you will need it again to activate Bluetooth® on your holder.
- Clearblue® Connected app will tell you when to test, display your synced results and let you record details about your period and when you had sex.

Important points to read before testing

Please always read the instructions on pack and in the leaflet carefully before use.

Peak Fertility displayed constantly for 48 hours

Peak Fertility is displayed constantly for 48 hours after it first appears

You cannot do another test while Peak Fertility is shown, as the holder will not be able to read it.


4 or more fertile days

The number of fertile days you see is personal to you

Not all cycles are the same. The number of fertile days you see is personal to you. Every woman’s cycles are unique and hormone patterns differ. In a study of 87 women, this is what we observed:

Number of High Fertility days before Peak Fertility Number of Women
0-4 66%
5-9 25%
10+ 1%
No Peak Fertility detected after High Fertility 8%
TOTAL 100%


More than 9 fertile days

Seen more than 9 High Fertility days?

If you see more than 9 High Fertility days you may wish to stop testing this cycle.
- If you started testing on the correct day for your usual cycle length and you see 9 or more days of High Fertility, it is unlikely that you will see Peak Fertility in this cycle.
- Occasionally some women have an LH surge that is too low for the test to detect or they do not ovulate during a cycle and therefore they don’t see Peak Fertility. This is not unusual and may happen in approximately 8% of cycles. If you do not see Peak Fertility for 3 consecutive cycles, we recommend you discuss this with your doctor.


Test once a day

Only test once a day until you see High Fertility

For reliable High Fertility results you must use the urine from after your longest sleep.  When you have seen High Fertility you can test more often, but drink normally and it’s important not to urinate for 4 hours before testing again.


Don't remove the batteries

Don't remove the batteries

If you remove the batteries from the holder you will not be able to use it again.

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How to use Clearblue Connected Ovulation Test System

  • How to use Clearblue Connected Ovulation Test System

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