Clearblue supports improving global maternal health

The amazing ‘Flight for Every Mother’
across Africa with Dr Sophia Webster

Why Clearblue wants to be part of this charity mission?

Clearblue is the world’s no:1 selling brand in home pregnancy and fertility tests1 and believes in transforming how women manage their reproductive health. Based on more than 25 years experience in research and development, Clearblue products play a crucial role in ‘life-changing pregnancy-related moments’ every day for thousands of women and couples, mostly in developed countries of the world where access to medical care is good.

In sub-Saharan Africa the situation is very different, for instance, about 500 in every 100,000 women who give birth die, compared with 15 in every 100,000 in the UK and 20 in North America. In Europe and North America it is normal to be able to find out if you are pregnant on, or even before, the day your period is due so you can take good care of yourself and the baby. In Africa, many women don’t know they are pregnant until they feel the baby move.

The focus of the United Nations Millenium Development Goal 5 is to improve maternal health, specifically….

  • Reduce by three quarters, between 1990 and 2015, the maternal mortality ratio2
  • Achieve universal access to reproductive heath by 2015

Clearblue employees have decided to take action to support this goal and to stop women and their babies from suffering and dying.

What is Flight for Every Mother?

Dr Sophia Webster Dr Sophia Webster Dr Sophia Webster

Photos provided by Flight for Every Mother Ltd.

In August 2013, Dr. Sophia Webster a UK Obstetrician, will set off from the UK to fly her plane across 24 African countries, visiting many where maternal mortality is at its worst. She'll take essential midwifery and medical equipment and training resources donated by Clearblue which, together with her clinical Obstetric teaching skills, means she can go a long way to fulfilling her aim of directly improving maternal health and saving the lives of African women and babies now and in the future.
We’ll be tracking Sophia throughout her 14 week journey and she’ll be sending us regular updates on her progress, the people she is meeting and the lives she is changing.

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