The easy way to track your menstrual cycle

If you’re trying for a baby or even just looking to predict when your period will start, our intuitive calendar widget helps you remember key dates in your cycle.

The interactive calendar is a tool that will help you:

  • Track your cycles and fertile days
  • Predict the start of your next period
  • Get alerts to start using Clearblue Ovulation Tests
  • Compile a history of your tracked cycles - useful if your doctor wants to see them
  • Easily see if you’ve missed a period and may be pregnant

Although the calendar can offer some indication of your fertile days, if you're seriously trying to conceive, Clearblue Ovulation Tests and Clearblue Fertility Monitor can give you the accuracy you need. And to avoid pregnancy, identify the days when you are safe to have unprotected sex with the Clearblue Contraception Monitor.

Installation tips

  • The Clearblue cycle calendar is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000 with Service Pack 2 or 3 and Windows 7 (32-bit only)
  • It's straightforward to install but if you need them: